Your Cancer Care Team

We’re here—as clinicians, volunteers and peers—to treat your cancer and to help you and your family through the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life that cancer affects.

Our Counselors

Our counselors are here to help you and your family cope with your diagnosis, treatment and side effects. They can offer supportive counseling, stress management, relaxation/visualization/imagery techniques, spiritual support, biofeedback and education.

Our Dietitians

Registered dietitians can provide you with an individualized plan to optimize healthy eating choices and keep you strong, as well as provide a variety of helpful nutritional educational materials and resources. 

Our Social Workers

You and your family may have financial concerns and insurance issues. Our social workers can provide assistance in dealing with those concerns, as well as Social Security disability, transportation needs, home care referrals, nursing home placement or home equipment needs. 

Inpatient Nurse

If you require hospitalization, the oncology department at Sacred Heart Hospital provides you with a specially trained nurse to assist you and your family in dealing with your physical needs, as well as the emotional responses to your cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Triage Nurse

A nurse is available by phone as a resource to answer any questions you may have about side effects and symptoms related to your treatments. Call 715.717.3929. 

Home Health and Hospice Service

Our partner, St. Joseph’s Hospital offers Home Health and Hospice services to a multi-county area in and around Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire. The team includes registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, enterostomal therapists, medical social workers and home health aides. They all work closely with your own physician to give you the option of being cared for in the comfort of your own home. To learn more about the professional and experienced Home Health and Hospice services at St. Joseph’s Hospital, please call 715.726.3485 or 800.726.3485.


Our Providers

Radiation Oncology  
  • Mark C. Steinmetz, MD
Medical Oncology 
  • Rifat T. Elkhatib, MD
  • Richard J. Daniels, MD, FACS 
  • Steven C. Immerman, MD, FACS
  • Brent M. Woghan, MD, FACS
  • David Durnick, MD
  • Greg Heiler, MD
  • Mark Hofer, MD
  • Robert Ridenour, Jr., MD
  • Robert Ridenour, III, MD
Diagnostic Radiology
  • Mark Augustyn, MD
  • Lukasz Babiarz, MD
  • Wells Mangrum, MD
  • Mark Southard, MD
  • Jan Stauss, MD
  • John Stien, MD
  • Karl Stien, MD
Infectious Disease
  • Chandra Pingili, MD
Interventional Radiology
  • James Geraghty, MD
  • Peter Hanson, MD
  • Jacque Tham, MD
  • Benjamin Whitis, MD
  • Thomas Peller, MD, FACP
  • Paul Ruh, MD 
  • Philip Porter, MD
  • Kamal Thapar, MD
  • Rima DeFatta, MD
  • Robert DeFatta, MD
  • Kyle Dettbarn, MD
  • Anton Kidess, MD
  • Saleh Obaid, MD, FCCP
  • Fadi Sabbagh, MD
Reconstructive Surgery
  • Clinton Merrick, MD
  • Joseph Rucker, MD
  • Michael Hirsch, MD
  • James Iwakiri, MD
  • D. Brooke Johnson, MD
  • David Katz, MD
  • Josiah Nelson, MD
  • Christopher Tornehl, MD